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Monday, May 23, 2011

Sanden Air Compressor Knock offs Know what your paying for!!!

Please note that MEI has discovered that Fleet Pride (Via PDC) has brought in Chinese Versions of Sanden Compressors.
These compressors are easy to identify by the following part numbers:
AC5256, AC5333, AC5347, AC5362, AC5365, AC5366, AC5373, AC5387 and more.
The boxes can easily be identified by the Large Blue Letters AC on the brown box.
Please be advised, these ARE NOT being supplied by MEI/Airsource/Truck Air.
MEI has the option to supply these compressors but after extensively testing on these AC Compressors, chose not to supply them due to the unacceptable level of failures.
Fleet customers who have come to depend on the OEM Sanden compressors will be greatly disappointed in the performance of these AC compressors.

A point of clarification on the below note on the Fleet Pride China Compressors…
Sanden DOES make a compressor which has the Letters AC on the box and Sanden International on the box. These come from Sanden’s Shanghai Factory and ARE GENUINE OEM Sanden Compressors. MEI/Airsource/Truck Air are supplying these and they are a top quality OEM compressor.
The way to identify the Knock Off Sanden Compressors from Fleet Pride is to look at the part #.  They are using the letters AC before the part # EX: AC5256.
The Genuine Compressors from us WILL NOT have the AC before the part#.

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